Care Meals

Just a general reminder to all those wonderful, generous people who help to keep our care meals fridge stocked with meals for people in need – please use the foil containers provided for your convenience as they stack far more easily into the fridge than ice cream containers or other storage boxes that some people are using. It is also important to use the labels provided on the lids as to ingredients, date prepared etc as many of these meals go to ill people and this information is very important to them. Containers can be found in the children’s liturgy room at the back of the church, in the garage where the care meals freezer is, or from the parish office.

Thank you again for helping us with this vital ministry. The new system for bringing meals to put in the freezer allows 24hour access to the freezers. If you would like to be part of this roster please phone the parish office. If you are unable to prepare a meal in your rostered week then simply prepare one when you are able or else, a bought meal from the supermarket is a great alternative. If you know of anyone who could use a few nights off cooking due to illness, death or just having a hard time then just please let the office know and we will arrange to have some meals sent out to them.