Over 55’s


Come and join us for a cuppa and friendship.

 In 1994, during Father Joe Rheinberger’s time at Holy Family, Sister Margaret Watson, who was our Pastoral Associate, and John and Margaret Shaw initiated our Seniors Group to provide an opportunity for older parishioners to meet and mix with their peers. 21 years later, many of that original group are still meeting together although we are getting a little frayed around the edges. For the past 10 years we joined with the St Francis of Assisi parish seniors group which was started by Elsa Allen in 2002, to become Corpus Christi Parish in July 2005.

We gather on the fourth Friday of the month at the Parish Centre for fellowship, a good chat and a very friendly morning tea. Many of our original beloved oldies have gone to God but many are still coming along and are now in their 80’s and 90’s. It is time we revitalised our numbers and invited new members to join us.

We maintain a continuing invitation to all who consider that they are “not so young” to come along on fourth Fridays to enjoy a light-hearted morning tea and make new friends and to find out what else is available for us in other areas. So if you are over 55 and would like to join us in our friendship group do read our brochure and contact us if you would like more information. Let us celebrate our Autumn years together, full of loving, caring and sharing.