Music Ministry

Choirs, ensembles, cantors …

MUSIC is an integral part of our liturgical and parish life.

You are always WELCOME to join one of our parish music ministries.Please contact the group directly (see links and contacts below), or contact the parish office.

One cannot find anything more religious and more joyful in sacred celebrations than a whole congregation expressing its faith and devotion in song

Musica Sacram, 16

To find out more information or to log in to your group’s practice area, choose one of the links below:

Standard Music Roster

SUNDAYVigil8 am10 am6 pm
1stPete & SusanneLorna & choirCouples for ChristVacant
2ndAlleluia GroupLorna & choirWalker / SpencerJohn
3rdPete & MichaelLorna & choirTeresian GroupJennie & Family
4thAlleluia GroupLorna & choirLiz & DesYouth Group
5thPeteLorna & choirCouples for ChristJennie &Family

Music Ministry Projects

The Music Ministry Team are putting together a series of projects – including the development of this web page! If you have any input please let the parish office know and we can include you.