Commitment for ministries is done on an annual basis, however there are often vacancies.
We welcome the contribution of all of our current liturgical and non-liturgical (gardening, church cleaning etc..) ministers and those who fill in from time to time.
If you would like to volunteer on a regular basis please contact the Parish Office or
download a commitment form.
Training will be provided as required.

Music Ministry (including the Data Projector Operator)

Music Ministers serve the assembly by leading the music primarily in the Celebration of the Eucharist. They support the sung prayer of the community by singing or playing an instrument. Our parish is served by various music groups. Each group has separate arrangements for their practices. Individual and group practice is an essential part of the commitment to Music Ministry.
Data Projector Operators enable the community to join in the worship through song and to be informed about important events by our electronic notices. Some computer skills are desirable, but no experience in operating a data projector is necessary as full training will be provided.


Collectors perform a vital role for the community. They gather financial contributions, from the faithful, for the support of the Parish Team and the community they serve. There should be at least four collectors at each Mass to ensure an efficient and smooth operation. One collector is designated as the coordinator (on the roster) and will choose one other collector to assist with bringing forwards the collection as part of the Presentation of Gifts and securing the collection at the end of Mass.


Welcoming is an important role, it aims to establish a warm and friendly atmosphere as people gather for the liturgy. A welcoming attitude makes a difference to everybody, particularly to those who may be feeling anxious or out of sorts, for whatever reason. As a Welcomer, you are representing us all. Your demeanour reflects the love, care and support that lives within the community. Welcomers also assist people in finding seats, particularly on occasions where there are larger crowds. They provide a ‘cuppa’ after some weekend Masses and they make sure that the foyer is tidy before leaving.

Extraordinary Minister Of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are people who assist the clergy during the Communion Rite. For our Sunday Celebrations, we usually have four Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to assist the Priest and Acolyte/Minister of the Altar (MOA) at Communion time. There are also Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who take Communion to the sick in their homes, assist with serving the community at Goodwin Village.

Acolyte / Minister of the Altar

Acolyte is a permanent ministry. Ministers of the Altar (MOA) make a commitment to serve once a month for a three year term. They are rostered on in pairs and alternate to perform the role of Sacristy Coordinator and Acolyte/MOA once per month. The Sacristy Coordinator role is one that ensures a smooth operation of the Sacristy and Mass roster, checking people have arrived or finding a replacement before the Mass begins.

Altar Server

The Altar Servers’ role is to assist the Priest and other Ministers of the Altar in the celebration of the Eucharist. They assist with processional candles, preparation of the vessels, with the Sacramentary (missal), Book of the Chair and bell. They can also assist with their parish school during school Masses.

Children’s Liturgy Of The Word

Children’s Liturgy is held in the room at the entrance of the Church at the same time as the Liturgy of the Word during the Mass. The Gospel of the day is proclaimed in a way that children can understand and enjoy. There are activities prepared each week by a Parish volunteer to assist in helping children to listen to the scripture and link it with their everyday lives.


Readers proclaim the Scriptures during Mass. Christ is present in his Word and the reader is the one who will make God’s Word come alive for those who are gathered to hear it. There is usually one reader for the First Reading and Psalm and another for the Second Reading and Gospel Acclamation. One reader will also read the Prayers of the Faithful.